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Over 33 million people have some degree of hearing loss. Marketing efforts reach households all over the country which include individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, businesses of all sizes overlook this niche demographic and most fail to convert these consumers to loyal consumers. The relationships between businesses and customers with hearing loss remain untapped. SignIFICANT guides businesses in addressing this gap, increasing awareness among customers and consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Create new customer footprint and loyalty. Build relationships within a community which normally is not considered in many businesses’ marketing approaches.



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Recruiting for Employment

SignIFICANT recruits and screens job candidates who are deaf or hard of hearing for employment. We match prescreened, qualified candidates to your business requirements, and provide follow-up and support to make sure both the employee and the employer are satisfied. We assist employers by guiding them through what the ADA mandates are, as well as providing resources and technological tools that increase workplace productivity and create an accessible line of communication between hiring managers and job seekers who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you are a Federal Contract service provider; we can help you meet your Section 503 requirements.


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Communication Support

There are a wide variety of accommodations that are helpful to building the bridge between individuals with hearing loss and your business. SignIFICANT support services consist of both technological and one-on-one consulting, whether you’re working with employees or customers/consumers with hearing loss. Technological advancements such as Video Remote Interpreting and Talk to Text (CART) has made it easier for employers to maximize productivity in the workplace. We design these accommodations to function seamlessly with the day-to-day operation of your business. Integrating our communication solutions will maintain productivity without compromising the delivery of services and/or programming. Our solutions are custom made, cost effective, and on-demand– available at almost any location with an internet connection and a webcam.


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Support for Outreach

Support businesses with customized communication accessibility solutions. Whether it’s employees or customers, ADS partners can expect to be given guidance and direction into tapping into a community that is underserved.



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